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Raasay House is an island hotel and a whole lot more

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Catalyst for regeneration

Raasay House is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, which means that every penny of profit we make goes directly back into the business. The funds are used for improvements to our guests experience, growth and investing in our people.

We continue to provide employment, a place to gather, and as the only sit in place to eat on the island we provide support and partnership with other accommodation providers on the island, caring for their guests too.

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Made for your family, by ours

Holidays at Raasay House are all about relaxation. Our guests leave feeling wonderful, if a little sad to be heading home. Not to worry though, the happy memories of Raasay will keep you going until next time!

We are very proud to have won ‘Best Family Hotel’ at the 2020 Prestige Hotel Awards despite some very stiff competition. In previous years we have been awarded ‘Best Historic Hotel’ and ‘Best Hotel Under 50 Rooms’,

Book an All-Inclusive Family Activity Holiday and make the most out of your 2021 UK Staycation.

Our Story



Stay in a Scottish Clan seat

The original Raasay House was the seat of the MacLeod chief of Raasay. The MacLeod chief was said to be a Jacobite sympathiser and supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie and it is for this reason that the original clan house was burned to the ground, along with every other dwelling on Raasay, by government troops following Culloden in 1746. 

The building is Grade A listed and regarded as being of  “outstanding” artistic interest” and “high” historical interest”.  


The Isle of Raasay has lots to offer both overnight visitors and those only popping over for a day out from neighbouring island Skye.

The island has lots of great walks offering stunning views of the Isle of Skye and over to the Scottish mainland.

If walking isn’t your thing you can sign up for a fun activity session such as kayaking, coasteering, climbing, archery or sailing.

If you are a keen wildlife spotter you will love our boat trips which get you up close and personal with a range of local wildlife such as otters, sea eagles, seals, dolphins and even occasionally whales!