Abseiling Raasay

Abseiling is the controlled descent of a rock face using a rope.

Traditionally used to descend from the top of rock climbs, abseiling is also a separate activity in it’s own right.

At Raasay House, we run our abseil sessions at Inver gorge (a 15-minute drive north of Raasay House) from a grassy outcrop with the abseil descending 15 m into the picturesque gorge. This is certainly an activity which truly tests people’s fear of heights.

Abseil Session Information

• Duration: 2 hours

• Age Restriction: Over 8

• Maximum: 12 people

• Equipment Provided: Helmet, harness & technical gear

• Equipment Needed: Suitable footwear

• Price: £45 per person

Water Abseil

The waterfall abseil is a more challenging version of abseiling, incorporating a torrent of water to the vertical challenge. Our waterfall abseil uses a 15 m waterfall at Fearns in the south-east of the island, a 10-minute drive from Raasay House.

Water Abseil Session Information

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes •

Maximum: 7 people •

Extra Equipment Provided: Wetsuit. •

Extra Equipment Needed: Swimming suit, wet shoes, towel •

Price: £45 per person •