Freya Rowe

Has lived on Raasay since she was 16. Responsible for overall management of Raasay House including client services and staff. Fantastic at looking after clients and making their stay the best ever. Manages to combine her job with looking after two outdoor-loving children.

Favourite moment: Seeing the dolphins dance in the bay outside the House

David Croy

Originally from the Orkney Islands, moved to Raasay 25 years ago. In charge of all the activity programmes and the instructors. Not good at sitting behind a desk but an ace sailor and undefeated tug of war champion.

Hero: Ernest Shackleton

Lyn Rowe

Originally from Brighton, Lyn moved to Scotland in 1973 to follow a career in teaching and develop her experience in outdoor education. Mountaineer and climber, artist and adventurer, Lyn is passionate about the outdoors. Lyn moved permanently to Raasay to start Raasay Outdoor Centre in 1984. She is also now a qualified therapist in psychosynthesis.

Favourite moment: Kayaking with a group in the Sound of Raasay late one Autumn night, phosphorescence in the water and suddenly Northern lights pulsating in the sky – a Hebridean laser show. Magic.