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Gorge Walking is a really fun and exciting activity.

A typical Gorge Walking session involves walking, scrambling, swimming, climbing and crawling your way up a river negotiating a number of obstacles from small waterfalls, big waterfalls, a cave, muddy slopes, rock faces or a strong current.

Located in the spectacular environment of Inver gorge (a 15-minute drive north from Raasay House), gorge walking is one of the few activities here at Raasay House which is actually improved by heavy rainfall and being located in one of the wettest places in Europe it is always an exhilarating adventure.

There are two sections in which we run Gorge Walks at Inver, the upper and lower gorge. The upper gorge includes two waterfall climbs and the cave crawl whilst the lower section, which is slightly more extreme, includes a rock climb, a waterfall jump and many smaller waterfalls to scramble up.

Gorge Walking Session Information

• Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

• Age Restriction: Over 8 and/or water confident

• Maximum: 12 people

• Minimum: 2 people

• Equipment Provided: Helmet, buoyancy aid & wetsuit

•Equipment Needed: Swimming suit, wet shoes, towel

• Price: £45 per person