Getting away to the Scottish Highlands in autumn and winter offers its share of challenges. However if you go for the right reasons you will have an unforgettable time.  Here are all reasons you need to pack your waterproofs and hit the road.

  1. room deals, hotel offers, scottish highlandsBargains – If you are booking out of the main tourist season you can really reap the benefits of lower room rates. On top of lower room rates you will also find plenty of great accommodation deals. Free room nights and accommodation package deals are generally all on offer from October to march/April.
  2. Peace – Ever head up to the Fairy Pools or the Old Man of Storr and find it bustling with tourists? Have these world famous landmarks to yourself in autumn and winter. Yes, you might be a bit wetter than you would in the summer,  but let’s face it the unpredictable nature of the Scottish summer means you might not.
  3. food and drink raasaySitting by the fire– The wonderful feeling of warming yourself by a roaring fire, while enjoying a good book or excellent company and a wee dram.  Most places you stay in the Scottish Highlands worth their salt will have open fires or wood burners and it’s only in autumn and winter that you can really enjoy them.
  4. Luxury – Accommodation that might just be out of your price range in the summer months will be greatly reduced in the autumn and winter. You can treat yourself and stay in some really luxurious and exclusive places out of season.
  5. The weather – Oh yes,  I am serious. The light, the clouds, the turbulent sea and the storms are so dramatic and beautiful to witness that you’ll want to invest in that waterproof casing for the camera before you go.
  6. The stars – When the nights draw in and stars come out you’ll see why having some of the darkest skies in Europe is a real plus. The lack of artificial light in most areas allows stargazers an unparalleled view of the night sky. Meteor showers, the milky way and occasionally the Aurora Borealis are visible to the naked eye. Many budding astral photographers grab their tripods and set up their cameras in quiet spots all over the Scottish Highlands for very good reason.
  7. No midges – this one is a real plus if you’ve ever encountered these beasties. Jokingly, but rather appropriately named “Scotlands fiercest predator” by some. These nasty little biters don’t come out in the colder weather and a good strong breeze keeps them at bay too.
  8. couples, winter breaks , skye, raasayThe romance – Now don’t all shout yuk at once, but some of these factors definitely combine to make a kind holiday for two that you just don’t get in the summer months.



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