Dear Guest

A Very Warm Welcome to Raasay House Hotel. Please take a minute to read this page or bookmark it for quick reference and to refer to later.  Here you will find some important safety information, housekeeping and info amongst other things.

We hope that you will be very comfortable here on Raasay. If we can do anything to make your stay more enjoyable then please do not hesitate to let us know.

Drinking and Dining
We have reduced the tables in our dining rooms to meet coronavirus prevention regulations. When you book a table you will be seated in one of the dinging rooms. if you have a dog with you and want to have it with you we will designate a dining room in accordance with this. Just add a note to your meal booking. Please click here to book a table for breakfast, lunch of dinner. Pre booking a time slot allows us to prevent queuing and to keep physical distancing in place.

If you would prefer to post your bill to your room rather than pay at the time you can do this. In order to use this function you will be required to provide a debit or credit card at check in. We will charge the credit or debit card which we have stored against your room for purchases on a regular basis. You will be asked to sign for your room posts. If you would like receipts emailed to you please send a quick email to and your e-mail details will be added to your bill.


COVID-19 Precautions
We have removed some of the items from the rooms such as info folders, in order to help us in maintaining covid cleaning procedures. If you would like local info leaflets can be collected at the front desk. We have also reduced the amount of pillows per room, if you would like extra pillows free of charge please let us know.

  • Wearing a face covering when walking around inside the building is mandatory. You can remove it when seated.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided when entering the building.
  • Please remain seated and in your household when in our food and drink service areas.
  • If you become unwell during your stay please remain in your room and call reception on 01478660300.
  •  We will be cleaning common touchpoints regularly and rooms have been specially deep cleaned in bewteen guests.


To minimise contact due to coronavirus prevention we will be operating a light housekeeping service for your stay.  We will not enter your room during your stay unless you are here for more than 3 days at which point we will only enter if you specifically  request a service. If you require extra towels or toiletries we can provide these from the front desk.

In the event of a fire alarm please follow the instructions on the info sheet below. 


Out of hours emergency number

If you have an emergency through the night (after the bar has closed and before 08:00) please call 01478660300 from your mobile phone. Please only use this number if you have an emergency, nuisance use will be chargeable at a rate of £150 per call. 

Fire Emergency Procedures – Raasay House

These emergency procedures must be adhered to by all guests of Raasay House during an incident of fire.

On discovering any outbreak of fire the fire alarm must immediately be raised by breaking the nearest break glass call point.


If it is safe to do so, attempt to put the fire out using an appropriate fire extinguisher for the type of fire involved.  Do not put yourself at risk and maintain a safe evacuation route.  

Evacuate immediately if you cannot put out the fire or even if you are successful in putting it out.


On hearing the fire alarm you should evacuate by the nearest usable fire exit and gather at the assembly point for a full roll call to be undertaken.  


The Assembly Point is  Located:

Outside at the overflow car park area to the west  of Raasay House where you see the assembly point sign  



Outside at the overflow car park area to the west of Raasay House where you see this sign


Do not stop to collect personal belongings, close all doors behind you so that the fire is contained to the location of origin.

No one is to re-enter the premises until it has been assessed as safe to do so by the Fire Warden or the attending Fire Brigade officer.

Thank you for your attention.